Eska Outboard Motor Water Pump Impeller ES 10000

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ES 10000

Eska Water Pump Impeller

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This Water Pump Impeller was used

on many Eska Outboard Motors.


Was also used on many private brand Motors

Made by Eska covering the years from 1961 - 1987


Most all of these Motors have an Air Cooled

Powerhead made by Tecumseh.


The Water Pump Impeller is used

only to cool the Exhaust Motor Leg.


Some of the early lower HP model

did not use an Impeller.


A Water Tube was use to force water

through leg when boat was underway.


You will need to find your

Model and Type number on our information site.

To determine your correct Impeller or call us

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13 Items

Product Data

Part Number ES 10000
OEM Manufacture Eska
Product Description Impeller - Water Pump
Product Application Outboard Motor
Condition New

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