Marine & Small Engine Parts

Since 1972 We've Been
Providing Hard To Find

Marine & Small Engine Parts

We specialize in resurrecting unique and obsolete carburetor parts.
Especially Tillotson Carburetors from 1914 to date.

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We have or can make most Carburetor Kits. We specialize in Ignition and Carburation.
Will attempt to assemble most obsolete Carburetor rebuild kits upon request.

Why Choose Discount Marine Parts?

  • Gaskets

    We Make Our Own Gaskets

    When possible we use original OEM Gaskets. Because many of the Gaskets are obsolete we were force to come up with a solution to make a more complete carburetor kit. We make our Gasket from the same or improved material. We have some limitations on the type of Gasket we can produce. In these situations we outsource the production, if there is enough demand.

  • Custom Carburetor Kits

    We Sell Custom Carburetor Kits

    We sell the basic Carburetor kit offered by most Carburetor Manufactures as well as our custom kit. The problem with the basic kit is, in their effort to consolidate their line of kits the OEM have removed key parts that are sometimes essential in doing a proper rebuild. Typically our kits are assembled with an OEM basic kit and we add back to the basic kit some of those key OEM parts that were removed.

  • Fast Shipping

    We Offer Fast Shipping

    Most orders are ship out the same business day if received by 2pm EST, Monday through Friday and 10am on Saturday. Our warehouse is located in the rural Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We typically ship USPS because the post office is next door. We can do expedited shipping, but usually causes a time delay in shipping and a significant up-charge. Next Day & Second Day shipping charges seem to be on the rise.

  • 14 day money back guarantee

    We Offer A 14 day money back guarantee

    We pride ourselves on offering a superior product and taking care of our customers. That is why we can offer this guarantee. You can return product within the 14 days for a full refund. The return product can be out of original packing, but must be unused. No return on Electrical Parts unless prior return authorization. Most customers are honest and would not take advantage of our return policy.

Complete Carburetors and Custom Kits

  • Marine Parts

    About Our Marine Parts

    We have been in the Marine business since 1972. It would be an understatement to say there have been a few changes. Over the years we have been a McCulloch, Chrysler, Evinrude, Mercury and Volvo dealer. That being said, we carried parts for most makes, no matter how obscure the brand, if we don’t have them, we may know where to find them.

  • Custom Kits

    About Our Custom Kits

    Today, even though we still have parts for many brands, we specialize in the following brands: Chrysler, Clinton, Eska, McCulloch, Mercury, Scott-Atwater, Tecumseh motors. On the carburetor side we specialize in Tillotson, Walbro and Zama, but have inventory for others.