Sachs Dolmar PS34 PS340 Carburetor Zama C1Q DM1 DM6 DM7 DM8 DM9 DM10 DM15 DM16 Carb Kit DI 40145

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Our Part Number is: DI 40145

You are purchasing a Zama Repair Kit for Sach Dolmar

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This is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) Zama Rebuild Kit.



  Please make sure you have one of the following

Zama Carburetor before ordering Kit.

The letter at the end of Carburetor Number makes a difference


  Application: Sachs Dolmar Chainsaws



C1Q-DM1   C1Q-DM6   C1Q-DM6A  C1Q-DM7  C1Q-DM7A

C1Q-DM8   C1Q-DM8A   C1Q-DM8B 


C1Q-DM10  C1Q-DM10A  C1Q-DM10B

C1Q-DM-15  C1Q-DM-15A  C1Q-DM-16


Sachs Dolmar

PS34   PS45   PS340

5 Items

Product Data

Part Number DI 40145
OEM Manufacture Zama
Product Description Carburetor Kit
Product Application Chainsaw
Condition New

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