About Our Marine & Small Engine Parts

We have been in the Marine business since 1972. It would be an understatement to say there have been a few changes. Over the years we have been a McCulloch, Chrysler, Evinrude, Mercury and Volvo dealer. That being said, we carried parts for most makes, no matter how obscure the brand, if we don’t have them, we may know where to find them.

Today, even though we still have parts for many brands, we specialize in the following brands: Chrysler, Clinton, Eska, McCulloch, Mercury, Scott-Atwater, Tecumseh motors. On the carburetor side we specialize in Tillotson, Walbro and Zama, but have inventory for others.

We make our own gaskets

When possible we use original OEM Gaskets. Because many of the Gaskets are obsolete we were force to come up with a solution to make a more complete carburetor kit. We make our Gasket from the same or improved material. We have some limitations on the type of Gasket we can produce. In these situations we outsource the production, if there is enough demand.

We Sell Complete and Custom Kits

We sell the basic Carburetor kit offered by most Carburetor Manufactures as well as our custom kit. The problem with the basic kit is, in their effort to consolidate their line of kits they have removed key parts that are sometimes essential in doing a proper rebuild. Typically our kits are assembled with an OEM basic kit and we add back to the basic kit some of those key OEM parts that were removed. Items like “Inlet Tension Spring”, “Seals”, “Check Valve Nozzles”, etc. If obsolete, we have them reproduced if needed.

The third component of our kits is the item that is overlooked when ordering from most of our competitor’s. The mounting or flange gaskets. Most of the mounting gaskets were supplied by the equipment manufacture and not the carburetor manufacturer. Therefore, they were never included in the original kit.

Every kit is different based on parts availability. We try and provide Flange and Intake Gasket with most kits. Sometimes we can find the OEM gasket and sometimes we need to reverse engineer a gasket for the application. The reason we try and provide these additional gaskets is for one stop shopping. If we don’t provide, customer would need to make their own, use their old one or try and find from a dealer that handles that brand of equipment the carburetor is used on.