Do You Qualify as a Dealer?

You do not need a store front. Many of our dealers are a small one person shop working out of their home or garage.

We do require that you be active in the Marine or Small engine sales or repair business.

We are unable to give a flat discount on all parts. Reason being is, some of our margins are very short. Older obsolete parts are getting harder to find. Sometimes we need to purchase from another dealer in order to provide the part you are requesting.

The discount will be based on our retail price and will very depending on item. Once becoming a dealer you will see your price before placing order.

We will offer some sort of free shipping on orders over a certain dollar amount. We do have an Ebay store that we will be closing down in the near future. There is "No" discount pricing on those items. Because of the operating expense of Ebay, we would be selling below cost.

Example: If you only purchased one 17.95 kit, it would probably be just as cheap to purchase on Ebay because of the free shipping. If you purchased more than one you would be saving money buying direct from us.

Please feel free to fill out registration form and we will process and reply as soon as possible. If you're not sure you would qualify as a dealer, please call warehouse 906-466- 2180 and ask for Sherwood.

This form is a request to become a registered dealer under Discount Marine Parts. Please fill the form out completely and as soon as the request is processed and approved someone will be contacting you.

The following questions are for Michigan Customers ONLY