3W Modellmotoren 3W-120iB2R 140iB2R 150iB2R 157iB2/TS 170iB2/TS 210iB2/TS Carburetor Walbro WGA7 Carb Kit DI 26012

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You are purchasing a Walbro WGA Series Carburetor Kit

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This is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) Walbro Rebuild Kit.

We have added other parts that do not come with Walbro OEM kit


Note! Please make sure your Engine Model number is listed below.

and that the Carburetor is a Walbro Model WGA-7


  Application: Model Aircraft

3W Modellmotoren Models:


3W-120iB2R  3W-120iB2F  3W-140iB2R  3W-140iB2F 

3W-150iB2R  3W-157XiB2/TS  3W-170XiB2/TS  3W-210XiB2/TS

10 Items

Product Data

Part Number DI 26012
OEM Manufacture Walbro
Product Description Carburetor Kit
Product Application Model Airplane
Condition New

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