Stihl Chainsaw 017 018 MS170 MS180 Carburetor C1Q-S43 C1Q-S57 C1Q-S137 Carb Kit DI 40201

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DI 40201

You are purchasing a basic kit for Zama Carburetor

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Please make sure you have a

Zama Carburetor, Some of these

Stihl models used a Walbro Carburetor


(Parts are not interchangeable)


You are purchasing a Zama Repair Kit

Used on Zama C1Q Series

This is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured)

Zama Rebuild Kit.


We provide the O'Ring that is not included with Zama kit.

Please make sure you have one of the following

Zama Carburetors before ordering:


C1Q-S43   C1Q-S43A   C1Q-S43B

C1Q-S57   C1Q-S57A   C1Q-S57B

C1Q-S137   C1Q-S137A   C1Q-S137B



Application: Chainsaw:  Stihl Models


017  018  MS170  MS180


Zama Carburetor part numbers can be difficult

to determine looking at Carburetor.

They are broken up in to 2 groups.

1st group is the Body Type and the 2nd is the Model Number

The Body Type is stamped or embossed on one side & the Model Number is stamped on one of the other side.

The Model Number can be confusing because sometimes

the production date is attached to the end of Model Number.

Example: C1Q-H421011 - C1Q-H42 is the number

            you are looking for, 1011 is production date.                                 

49 Items

Product Data

Part Number DI 40201
OEM Manufacture Zama
Product Description Carburetor Kit
Product Application Chainsaw
Condition New

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