Tillotson L1A L1B Carburetor Gasket Set Carb Star Durant DI 23557

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You are purchasing a Gasket Set for a Tillotson L-1A & L-1B

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These Carburetors were used on Star Durant Motor 1921 -1926

Model Description End Customer Equipment Type Year Used Our Repair Kit
L-1A   Durant Motor Co. 4 Cyl (200) A-22 1921-24 DI-23557
L-1B   Durant Motor Co. 4 Cyl (200) A-22 1924-26 DI-23557


We do not have the Needle & Seat for these Carburetors.

10 Items

Product Data

Part Number DI 23557G
OEM Manufacture Tillotson
Product Description Carburetor Kit
Product Application Automobile

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