Chrysler 82002 Kart 82003 82026 28027 820 series Carburetor Tillotson HL232B Carb Kit DI 23668

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DI 23668

You are purchasing a Tillotson HL Series Carb Kit.

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Please make sure you have the following

Carburetor before ordering Kit



Note!!!   The HL-232A   HL-232C   HL-232E   HL-232F    Require a different kit


This is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) Tillotson Rebuild Kit.

We have added Flange Gaskets that do not come with Tillotson OEM kit.

Check Valve Nozzle

Also Inlet Control Spring



Chrysler Power Bee 8.2 cu in Models:

82002 Kart

82003 Gorman-Rupp Fire Pump

82026 & 82027 Utility Engine

7 Items

Product Data

Part Number DI 23668
OEM Manufacture Tillotson
Product Description Carburetor Kit
Product Application Various
Condition New

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