3W Modellmotoren Carburetor 3W24i 28i 38i 42i 48iB2 55Xi Model Airplane Walbro HDA6 Carb Kit DI 26011

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DI 26011

You are purchasing a Walbro HDA Series Carb Kit.

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This is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) Walbro Rebuild Kit.

We have added other parts that do not come with Walbro OEM kit

We also provide the Fuel Pump Diaphragm

in two different types of material:

Teflon Style that comes in factory kit and the

Black Nitrile Style that is preferred in Europe and by some dealers.


Note! Please make sure your Engine Model number is listed below.

and that the Carburetor is a Walbro Model HDA-6A  HDA-6AF.


  Application: Model Aircraft

3W Modellmotoren Models:

3W-24i  3W-28i   3W-38i  3W-42i  3W-48iB2

3W-55Xi  3W-56iB2  3W-112iB4

10 Items

Product Data

Part Number DI 26011
OEM Manufacture Walbro
Product Description Carburetor Kit
Condition New

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